Discover the Wonders of the World's Wildlife with a Zoo to You Program!

A Zoo to You program will bring animal ambassadors to you!  An educator will bring small animals and animal artifacts to teach grade or group appropriate topics. A myriad of outreach programs have been tailored to meet the needs of your group.




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Frequently Asked Questions about Zoo to You

 What is the Zoo to You program?
Zoo to You is a traveling educational program that visits schools, libraries, community centers, senior centers/housing, day care centers, scout groups, etc. Each program includes live animals such as birds, reptiles, and invertebrates, among others, and some of the animals may be touchable. We also use biofacts (animal-related artifacts) to create a hands-on experience for the participants.

What are the operating hours of the Zoo to You program?

Zoo to You has a very flexible schedule: weekdays or weekends! Please call to check for availability.

What lessons does the Zoo to You program teach?

Zoo to You strives to integrate its message into what lessons or subject matter your facility is teaching.

How long is the Zoo to You program?

Each program lasts approximately 30 minutes to an hour. The educator adjusts the length of each program based on the interest of the participants. The educator will also shorten or cancel any program if the welfare of the animals is compromised in any way.

How much does a Zoo to You program cost?

The fee for the Zoo to You program depends on the location and the size of the group. We request that payment is made in full two weeks in advance to keep your confirmation, unless prior arrangements are made with the Education department.

How soon in advance must I reserve my program?

We request that each program is booked a minimum of three weeks in advance, due to staffing and other events. are reservation dates are limited and book quickly.

What Size Groups Can Be Accommodated?  

Our minimum group size is 10, with a maximum group size of 40 (children and adults). For groups of larger than 40, we do offer larger assembly programs. For our programs for children with special needs, our minimum group size is eight.

Are Live Animals Part of the Programs?                                                                 

Yes, live animals are part of our programs! After all, that is what the Zoo specializes in! For group sizes under 40, audience participants can touch select animals. For groups larger than 40, we can bring live animals for participants to observe, but only 2 or 3 to touch.

Please note, sometimes extreme weather conditions restrict our ability to bring live animals to you, as the health and well-being of our animals is a top priority. On the rare occasion we would not be able to bring live animals, we would work with you to reschedule or issue a refund for the program.

Also, due to the needs of our animals, we cannot guarantee a specific animal species for your class. All animals presented will be appropriate for the program theme chosen.


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Outreach Scheduling Information

Preschool Zoo-to-You: Introduce your preschoolers to the world of animals with a 30 minute program. Your students will meet four very touchable animals and learn about where they live, what they eat and why they look like they do. Limited to 40 guest


$ 75 within 0-20 miles

$ 90 within 21-40 miles

$130 within 41-50 miles

$ 30 for each additional program

School Zoo-to-You: Primary and secondary teachers can compliment your lessons with an outreach program. During a 45 minute presentation, your students will meet 6-7 animals depending on the program topic. Limited to 40 guest


$ 80 within 0-20 miles

$100 within 21-40 miles

$150 within 41-50 miles

$ 40 for each addtional program

Assembly and Large Group Event Program : Add some “wow” to your next school-wide assembly or special event – invite the zoo! Wild critters is a lively interactive presentation that can be customized to meet your needs.  Program presentation and encounter runs for 50 - 60 mintues.  Guest range from over 40 participants with a limit 250 guest per program.


$ 100 within 0-20 miles

$ 150 within 21-40 miles

$ 50 for each additional program


Career Talk: A Zoo Educator will come to your class and speak about career opportunities in zoos and the training required for zoo professions. The Educator will also bring along one of our outreach animals. Limited to 40 guest


$ 50 within 0-20 miles

$ 70 within 21-70 miles

Outreach Programs for Organizations and Groups: Your organization can bring the zoo-to-you with a 45 minute program including 6 to 8 animals. Limited to 40 guest


$100 within 0-20 miles

$135 within 21-40 miles

$180 within 41-50 miles

$ 70 for each addtional program


** Non-profit organizations will receive the following program discounts when showing proof of their non-profit status.


$ 80 within 0-20 miles

$100 within 21-40 miles

$150 within 41-50 miles

$ 40 for each addtional program

Outreach Programs for Therapy Groups: Nursing, group or assisted living homes can gather residents in a central room where a Zoo Educator will give a 30 minutes presentation. Residents will be introduced to 3 or 4 very touchable animals. Afer the animal is introduced, the Educator will travel around the room allowing residents to meet and touch the animal.


$ 65 within 0-20 miles

$ 75 within 21-40 miles

$ 25 for each addtional 15 minute program

 For more information on one of our Educational Programs, or to arrange a program for your group, please contact us.