Zoo Society

Washington Park Zoo Society

Thank you for your interest in the Washington Park Zoological Society.

As you will discover, membership in the Zoo Society opens up a whole new world of fun, education and involvement in wildlife conservation. By being a member of the Society, you further our support role for Washington Park Zoo. Your membership strengthens our efforts to enhance the Zoo as a valuable community resource.


Washington Park Zoo LionWashington Park Zoo Bear

What does the Zoological Society Board do?

The Zoo Board sponsors Zoobilee, Boo at the Zoo, and other programs and events. They also purchase new zoo animals. The purpose of the Board is to generate public interest in and appreciation of the animal kingdom, promote the zoo, to solicit, raise, collect, and receive contributions, donations, and gifts for the acquisition of animals for the zoo and improvements on zoo facilities.

What does a board member have to do?

Board members attend monthly meetings (usually the 2nd Tuesday of every month and volunteer at zoo events.

For additional information on the Washington Park Zoological Society, please contact us at: 219-873-1510.


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