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Animal Care

Artificial Plants or Trees

Rubbermaid Storage Bins with Lids

Wash Cloths; Towels

Pet Bowls (Various Sizes)

Shredded Paper

Hemp or Manila Rope

Dish Soap; Laundry Soap; Fabric Softener; Bleach

Trash Bags

Silver Metal Bowls (Various Sizes)

Kennels; Cages; Crates

Disposable Latex Gloves

Enrichment Items

Jelly (Any Flavor)


Horse Toys

Boomer Balls; Large Type Ball

Parrot Toys

Dried Fruits

Nilla Wafers/Vanilla Cookies

Dry Cereals

Shredded Paper

Jello Mix

New/Used Perfumes or Colognes

Dog or Cat Toys


Cheez it/Goldfish Crackers



100% Fruit Juice

Baby Toys



Ic Cream Cones

Education Department & Veterinary Clinic

Art Canvas

Binocular Microscopes

Arts & Craft Supplies

Card Stock/Paper 8.5x11

Medical Equipment/Supplies

Poster Board


Animal Books

Animal Education Items

Tools & Construction

Plastic & Silk Plants

Live Trees; Bushes; Flowers (Indoor or Outdoor)

Paint Brushes

Garden Carts


Carabineer Clips

Cable Ties

Grass Seed

Garden Tools

4x4 Wood Posts

Garden Decorations

Large Rocks

  • Other than food items, donations do not need to be new.
  • We love to upcycle, so gently used goods are just as appreciated.
  • Donations are tax-deductible, so please let us know if you need a form.
  • We also have an Amazon wish list. Simply click on the link below to browse through the items and add an item(s) to your basket just like your normal shopping. Amazon will deliver it straight to the zoo.
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